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Books by David A. DePra






  Christ in the Psalms: A daily discovery of Christ in the Psalms Product Details The Logos: Jesus Christ The Two Covenants: Shadow or Substance Seated In Christ
  307 pages (Daily Devotional)  291 pages (Daily Devotional) 43 chapters, 268 pages (hard copy), 245 pages (PDF) 70 pages 51 pages 44 pages
  Christ in the Psalms.pdf Reflections.pdf  What is Christianity?.pdf  The Logos:  Jesus Christ.pdf The Two Covenants.pdf Seated_In_Christ.pdf
  To download free pdf copy click on the blue .pdf link

 These books by David A. DePra are available at Amazon here:  Books or click on  book image.

Hard copy books are printed and published by Amazon.  The prices are mostly to cover their costs and overhead.

If you do not want a hard copy, or cannot afford it, below each book image is a download link for a free PDF file of the same book. 

Check back often as new books are being added.

  Product Details One in Christ, But Scattered Product Details Product Details Product Details
  41 pages  48 pages 27 pages 25 pages 30 pages 37 pages
  Christ in Us.pdf One in Christ, But Scattered.pdf Behold the Lamb of God.PDF Faith When God is Silent.PDF Gods strength in weakness.PDF The Greatest Lie of Satan.pdf