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  by David A. DePra


On the Grace of God:


John the Baptist described the effect which the grace of God has upon

those who embrace it. He said, "I must decrease that He might increase."


It is morally impossible to truly receive the grace of God and remain

spiritually proud.


Spiritual pride focuses upon what we have done for God, rather than upon

what God has done for us.


It is never to our credit to receive the free gifts of God. But it is to our

blame if we do not.


True humility is not the product of belittling self, but the result of seeing

Jesus Christ.


There is nothing God shows us about ourselves which He hasn't known

about since the foundation of the world.


God's goal is not to make us strong. It is to make us weak, that we might

be strong in Him.


The work of God's grace will never make us into spiritual giants. It will

make us into little children.


There is nothing glamorous about becoming as a little child. It will cost

you your pride. But that spells freedom.


Grace means that God takes the initiative to do for us what we cannot do

for ourselves.


The gospel of grace is not a threat of punishment if we will not believe. It

is the proclamation of life if we do believe.


God gives us His grace. But through Jesus Christ, God gave us Himself.


I am never saved by believing the "doctrine of grace, " or the "doctrine of

the redemption." I am saved by embracing Jesus Christ as Saviour.


The Truth of grace is not merely one facet of the gospel. It IS the gospel.

The gospel of grace is the good news whereby we are saved through the

finished work of Jesus Christ.


Grace speaks of God seeking out man, rather than man seeking out God.


What we take for granted as our interest in God is nothing more than the

evidence that God has taken the initiative to awaken us to Jesus Christ.


A great victory occurs when I finally realize that there is nothing I can do

to alter God's love for me.


Grasping the Truth of grace frees us from the habit of protecting ourselves

from God.

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