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Proclamations of Faith

Faith vs. Presumption:

  by David A. DePra

By definition, I am guilty of presumption when I assume certain

things are facts -- when God has not told me they are facts. In the

final analysis, the cause of presumption is never found anywhere
but in my own heart.

The two things which cause us to presume are pride (self-will) and

fear: I tend to presume as true what I desire to be true. Or I tend to

presume what I fear is true. Faith presumes nothing except that

God is faithful.
Presumption is manifested when I place my confidence in my
interpretation of God. It is therefore rooted in faith in myself -- a
pride in my ability to figure out God.
Faith believes what God has said. But faith also refuses to insist
that my interpretation is perfect. By faith I will wait to see how God
unfolds the situation.

God never tells us that we need to know what is going to happen

before we can trust Him. He tells us to trust that it is sufficient that

He knows.


God will let us misinterpret Him and will let us presume falsely.

It is His way of setting us free unto a walk by faith alone.

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