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Proclamations of Faith   Trumpet2.wmf (7468 bytes)

by David A. DePra

Faith in God never wavers because it knows God never wavers.


Faith is not an intellectual or emotional issue. It is a moral issue.

What I believe is directly related to the conditional of my heart.


Faith, in the Bible, is never a matter of ability to believe. It is a

matter of openness to God.


I cannot believe God unless I fully yield myself to Him.


Faith without surrender is exactly what it means to have faith

without works.


Faith must be tried or it will be remain nothing more than assent to



God never tells me to win the victory. He tells me to stand in the

victory which Christ has already won.


The life of faith is primarily a stand. I must stand in faith against

all that would contradict the Truth.


Never try to generate the faith necessary to reach up to God. Rest

in the fact that God has already reached down to us in Christ.


Never trust, or doubt, in your ability to believe God. Trust in God

Himself because of what He has done in Jesus Christ.


I cannot exercise the faith of Jesus Christ for anything which falls

outside of the will of God.


God never tells us to surrender to a trial. He tells us to surrender

to Him. The circumstances of a trial are merely God's tools to build

faith in us.


Trials are temporal. The faith built through them is eternal.


Boil a trial down to it's basic issue and you always come up with

the same thing: Will I believe God and stand in faith regardless of

the cost?


There will come a day in eternity when we will see that God was

right in everything He did. Now, we must believe without seeing.


True faith never approaches God on our own terms. It always

comes in an attitude of unconditional surrender to Him.


Any little child can believe, for faith does not require knowing the

facts about what God is doing. It requires only that I rest in the

fact that God knows.


God is never after the thing we surrender to Him. He is after US.

The thing we surrender is merely a means to that end.


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