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By David A. DePra

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. (John 14:26)

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. (John 16:13)

These two promises of Jesus are not to be taken lightly. In fact, Jesus is telling us that two of the primary works of the Holy Spirit for the church age is to, "teach us all things," and to, "guide us into all Truth." In other words, this isn’t something the Holy Spirit MIGHT do. If you are saved, it is something He IS doing – right now – in your life. Right now, the Holy Spirit is seeking to teach you all things about Jesus, and seeking to guide you into all Truth.

Now, this does bring up a good question, doesn’t it? If Jesus has promised that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things, and guide us into all Truth, then why is there so much deception in the church today? And if you happen to be a person who doesn’t believe there is deception, then at least you have to admit that there is widespread disagreement upon almost every point of Christian doctrine. So unless you believe the Holy Spirit teaches Christians different things and different truth, you must admit that many Christians must be wrong – because many disagree. Why? What is the problem here?

I submit that the problem is NOT with God. Jesus is promising right here that the Holy Spirit – whom Jesus calls the SPIRIT OF TRUTH – would seek to bring God’s people into all Truth. Indeed, much of the NT is dedicated to this same goal – most of the epistles are inspired by God to keep the church in the Truth. So the problem is NOT with God. This means the problem is with US.

Does this realization have an impact upon you? I mean, if you have been a person who feels as if it is impossible to know the Truth, does the promise of Jesus to guide you into the Truth give you pause to reconsider that conclusion? If you do see that there is much widespread disagreement, indeed deception, in the church today, do the promises of Christ make you wonder WHY? Where is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH? Why haven’t the promises of Christ come to pass in a more widespread way?

Again – if you think this is God’s fault, you aren’t going to get far on this matter. But it isn’t God’s fault. It is OUR fault. Once we accept that the promises of Jesus to guide us into all Truth are absolutely certain – and right now remain promises that are in force – you cannot fail to conclude that if it these promises aren’t coming to pass it is our fault -- many Christian people will not accept the Truth.

It is vital that the Body of Christ gain a greater understanding of what the Holy Spirit teaches, how the Holy Spirit teaches, and just as importantly, what we need to do to be open to this work.

Conditions in the Church

There is absolutely NOTHING more important for a Christian person than to KNOW THE TRUTH. You may not believe that knowing the Truth is that important, but perhaps this is, in and of itself, a big part of the problem. We don’t recognize the value of the Truth. Indeed, we live in a day and age where some of the most popular preachers will tell you that the Truth really doesn’t matter. In fact, if you walk into many churches today, you will not find much of a hunger for the Truth. You will more than likely find that the matter of Truth isn’t even on the table for discussion.

There are a number of extremes in the church today on this matter of the Truth. Some don’t care about Truth – but really, they don’t KNOW TO CARE about it. It’s not that they belittle Truth, or despite it. No. They have simply never come to value it, or even know that it is there TO value. People may not know they are blind. It isn’t an issue with them. They just go on with life, indeed, go on with their church, completely ignorant of the value of Truth – and completely content.

This kind of condition may not seem to be too bad, but it is clearly one that Satan is happy about. If Satan can get us to reject Truth, he will be happy. But if he can get us to be completely ignorant of it’s value, this will accomplish his ends. Jesus said that the Truth shall set us free – and only the Truth can do that – and so regardless of why we haven’t received the Truth, if we haven’t received it, we are NOT free. Truth is just that important, and Satan is happy if we remain aloof from it.

Others DO push away any suggestion that there is absolute Truth. They consider such a suggestion that there could be absolute Truth as divisive. Lost on them is the fact that Jesus has already told us that Truth will divide light from darkness – and that rather than avoid this, it is actually GOD’S GOAL. Truth always divides because it makes complacency impossible. But some folks don’t want to face the consequences of the Truth. So they develop church systems and personal policies intended to keep the peace at all cost. They want to make everyone happy, keep their church or ministry in tact, and please as many people as they can. And there is simply no way to do this by preaching the Truth of God in Jesus Christ. The only way to do it is keep the Truth out, or water it down, all in the name of, "love." So they tend to pick subjects that won’t make waves – and then congratulate themselves for not offending anyone.

The extreme at the other end of the spectrum are those who insist on the Truth – THEIR Truth. They demand and judge and condemn. But they are not really preaching the Truth. Rather, they are preaching THEMSELVES. They are actually presenting the fact of their belief as the object of worship. "Their stand for Truth," and, "their refusal to compromise," is really what this is all about – they are the heroes and martyrs. This isn’t really about what they believe, it is more about the fact that THEY believe it. This isn’t really about the Jesus in whom they trust – it is more about the fact that it is THEY who trust Him. Such folks are generally legalistic. And even if what they say they believe is Biblical, it eventually isn’t – the doctrines they preach eventually become polluted by the spirit that governs them.

It is entirely possible for any one of us to become so dedicated to our beliefs ABOUT Jesus that we drift from our relationship with Jesus. It is possible to become totally devoted to a body of doctrine and teaching that we leave our first love Himself. If we do that, the doctrines, if they were ever right to begin with, will eventually drift into error – if not in fact, they will drift into error as to application or as to the spirit behind them. You cannot leave your first love and be walking in the Truth – and it doesn’t matter whether you think you are right. There are many Christians today who think they are right about what they believe ABOUT God, but who are NOT RIGHT with God Himself.

There are, of course, many Christians who are totally deceived over a great number of things. The problem here may be more than just a wrong interpretation of the Bible. Often the problem is simple pride. They are not going to be told they are wrong. It is that attitude of heart that keeps them in error. Nothing more.

There are other conditions. For example, there are the expert theologians among us, who think that theology is Christianity, and that a degree equals discipleship. But then there are those who say they can’t hope to understand the Bible, and so they let others tell them the Truth. Both groups are wrong – both think it is by brains we apprehend the Truth. The theologians tend to think they have apprehended it, and the others think they can’t apprehend it with their brains. I’m all for theology. But you can see what I’m getting at here.

Then there are those who think Christianity is a big spiritual experience where doctrine is needless. They get involved in signs and wonders and manifestations and NEVER test the spirits. They think it impossible that if something seems supernatural that it could be wrong. Or they think that God will somehow protect them from deception, even if they ignore His warnings. On the other hand, there are those who think Christianity is nothing but a big, intellectual Bible study with no real spiritual experience possible. They consider anything but reading the Bible to be, "extra-biblical," even if the Bible they read says otherwise.

Obviously, if we were left to ourselves, we might expect that these many conditions would exist, because we would turn out in accordance with our temperaments, intellectual gifts, and personal bias. The Body of Christ, if left to ourselves, would be all over the place as to Truth. Well, we are NOT left to ourselves, because Jesus said the Spirit of Truth would guide us into all Truth. But – nevertheless the Body of Christ, for the most part, is all over the place as to Truth! We have turned out as if we are left to ourselves! Why? Not because God has cut us off. Rather, it is because we have cut off God.

If you really want to face the facts, you must come to terms with the fact that everything you see today, and have seen throughout Christian history, is a testimony to the fact that the Spirit of Truth has NOT been given access to God’s people. It is really amazing that God has accomplished what He has, given that fact. At least the Truth of salvation through Christ alone has been taught, although even that is now being attacked. But generally, the Body of Christ, has not been taught the Truth – has not been taught the Truth that sets us free. Not now. Not ever. This isn’t a surprise to God – Jesus predicted it. But the promise remains – the Holy Spirit wants to guide us into all Truth – not only as a Body, but as individuals.

Truth Sets Us Free

When you hear the word, "truth," in the context of Christianity, what does it mean to you? For most of us, THE TRUTH means a list of doctrines. Truth means teachings, facts, doctrines, and religious practices. And many of us never think past those THINGS.

But according to Jesus Christ Himself, none of those THINGS are the Truth. He said, "I am the Way, THE TRUTH, and the Life." (John 14:6) So the Truth is a Person – Jesus Christ.

And yet that seems so abstract and distant. How can a Person BE the Truth? Well, a Person can BE the Truth if that Person is God Incarnate. Indeed, Jesus often stated that if you wanted to know God, all you had to do is know Him. He said, "If you have seen ME, you have seen the Father." (John 14:9) So a Person can BE the Truth if that Person is God Incarnate – if that Person is God in the flesh. Thus, Jesus said, "I am the Truth," because He knew that He was God, and that He was the perfect and living manifestation of His Father.

So what this tells us is that to know the Truth is to know Jesus Christ. And to know Jesus Christ, is to know the Truth – is to know God Himself.

But Jesus also said that if we know the Truth, that the Truth would be set free. And since He stated that HE was the Truth, then really, in order to be set free, we must know Jesus Christ. Our freedom comes down to that in the end. If the Truth sets us free, and the Truth is Jesus, then your freedom is entirely dependent on knowing Him and the Father through Him.

The Truth Makes Us True

We are supposed to KNOW the Truth – know God through Jesus Christ. This will set us free. But what does it really mean to KNOW the Truth? We are going to see that it means more than intellectually grasping truths. Rather, to know the Truth is to be made ONE with the Truth, and in fact, to be MADE TRUE.

A relationship with God is really oneness with God. But the problem with oneness with God is that we are talking about being at one with the Truth Himself. Get that: One with the Truth Himself -- in harmony as to will and purpose with the Truth Himself in a relationship. Do you really believe that is possible? Well, it is impossible unless the Spirit of Truth is allowed to do one thing: MAKE US TRUE. Get that. In order to be one with the Truth you must at least be in the process of being MADE TRUE.

Hopefully, we know that without the work of the Spirit, we are UNTRUE. Everything about us is a lie and upside down. We are absolutely contrary to God – and we don’t even have to work at it. We are not in harmony with God, indeed, we are naturally at odds with Him. So the Holy Spirit must take the UNTRUE people we are, and MAKE US TRUE in Christ Jesus. Only then can we walk with Him and truly KNOW Him.

When Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would TEACH us all things, He used the word, "didasko," translated teach, in our English NT. The word means more than to simply convey information to another person. Rather, it means to SHAPE the will and character of the person by what is conveyed. In short, to know the Truth is not simply a matter of knowing true facts, or true doctrines. It is a matter of being shaped BY our knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Truth, if we are open, will shape us so that we can walk in oneness with Christ. Or, to get back to what we said before, the Truth will shape us into being MADE TRUE, so that we can walk with the Truth Himself.

The problem for most of us is that we don’t understand that in order to walk with God in freedom, we must be MADE TRUE. How else can we walk with the Truth Himself? But instead of understanding this, we tend to think that God is going to accommodate Himself to us. We think that God will become something less than totally true for our sakes – although we don’t put it in those words. But no. God will never make Himself untrue so He can walk with us. He will never affirm our error or ignorance – for it would keep us in them. Rather, He wants to make us true so that we can walk in harmony with Him.

If we would understand this, it would explain much. Often we want God to merely tell us true things. We say to God, "If you would just tell me the Truth about this, or tell me what I need to know, then things would be clear to me. THEN, Lord, I could walk with You!"

But if you haven’t noticed, God is usually silent to such requests. Sometimes He is absolutely silent. And this can be confusing to us. What is going on?

What God would say to us, and DOES say to us in His Word, is this: "You don’t need information. You need revelation. I could tell you many TRUE THINGS – but you cannot bear them now. True information will do you no good – in fact, in the long run, it will hinder you. It will hinder you because I would be giving TRUE INFORMATION to you while you are still UNTRUE in heart. So what I am doing is MAKING YOU TRUE. Allow me to do that, and everything else you want to know will eventually come."

We need to see that true information cannot help us walk with God. True information cannot set us free. No. What make it possible for us to walk with God, who is the Truth, is to be MADE TRUE. This is precisely because to MADE TRUE is what it means to be set free.

To be set free by the Truth means to be set free to be at one with the Truth, and to be able to grow into the fullness of a relationship with Him. This is impossible unless we are being made true. Nothing else will make it possible. You simply cannot walk in the Truth unless you are being made true by the Truth!

I cannot think of anything more vital for God’s people to see. Not only does this necessity explain MUCH, but it gives us direction as to the entire purpose of God in His people. God certainly does care about whether we believe true things. Absolutely. He does want us to know His will. He does want us to believe sound doctrines and teachings. But you can have all of those things and still not be able to walk with Jesus Christ. You can hold to true doctrine, and true teachings, but yet NOT BE MADE TRUE – still not be set free. And yet if God MAKES US TRUE, can we see that there is no way that we will fail to hold to true doctrines and teachings? They will come, because we will be one with God Himself.


The Holy Spirit teaches us all things, and guides us into all Truth, by MAKING US TRUE. It is, of course, possible for the Holy Spirit to give us insight for direction from God’s Word. It is possible for Him to open up some light to us in the form of information and doctrines. But as I have mentioned, this is not equal to being MADE TRUE. What doctrine is, if it is Biblical, is direction as to how to be MADE TRUE. And as that, it is essential.

There is something about Christian people that just makes it difficult for some to see the distinction between true teachings and the Truth. If you emphasize teachings, then there are always a group of Christians who think you are too intellectual, and too focused on doctrines. But if you emphasize the reality and experience of the Christian life, then there those who think you don’t care about doctrine, and think teaching doesn’t matter. I have to tell you that I am quite wearied of this because it really isn’t that difficult. For Pete’s sake, if Christianity is REAL it had better be a living experience! And if it is a living experience, we had better be able to put it down and teach it in doctrinal form! What is it so hard to grasp this concept?

If the Holy Spirit is going to make us true, then we will certainly be able to teach the Truth about it! But the trouble is, people substitute the teachings ABOUT the Christian life FOR the Christian life! Or people teach about being MADE TRUE and think that this is equal to actually being made true. Or they don’t teach about it at all because they don’t know God wants to make them true. They are too busy with experiences that have little to do with God’s plan or purpose.

The danger here is that instead of being made true, we will simply settle for the doctrines that tell us we ought to be made true. But if we do that, we will remain untrue, and try to hold to true doctrines. The only outcome to that possible will be that eventually our true doctrines will be adjusted to our untrue condition. In other words, I am either going to allow God to adjust me to the Truth – i.e., make me true – or I will adjust the Truth to fit me. This is what is at stake.

The purpose of the Holy Spirit for this age is to take all that is of Jesus, and to make Him real TO us, IN us, and THROUGH us. This will not only result in many essential doctrines and teachings from the Word of God, but more than that, if we will open to this great purpose, we will be MADE TRUE – and set free into a relationship with the Truth Himself, Jesus Christ.

Accountability to God

If the fundamental necessity of knowing the Truth is to be MADE TRUE, then we need to find out how the Holy Spirit does this. We have already said that part of it is that the Spirit can give us insight and direction – information as to what God is doing. But we are seeing that we must be MADE TRUE. How does the Holy Spirit MAKE US TRUE?

Now, we must catch the significance of the question. When we talk about ourselves as Christian people, we often do not realize how much we need to know the Truth; be made true. Many of us don’t realize we need to be made true. Some of us might be offended at the suggestion. Again – this may be because many of us think we know the Truth because we know doctrines. We don’t know how much we DON’T know of Jesus, and we don’t know how much we need to be made true. Our true spiritual condition is usually hidden from us. And because none of this is being preached today, we continue to live in ignorance, or error, and never realize it.

The revelation of the Bible on this matter ought to be sobering. The Bible teaches that we are born naturally into this world with NO TRUTH IN US. In fact, we are told by the apostle Paul:

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit that is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Ghost teaches; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. (1 Cor. 2:12-14)

According to Paul, someone without the Holy Spirit CANNOT – get that, CANNOT – receive the Truth, or understand the things of God. There is simply nothing in them to work with. So what we have to face is this: People in whom there is NO TRUTH, and who have no capacity for Truth – these are the folks that the Holy Spirit must MAKE TRUE.

Add to this the promises of Jesus that the Holy Spirit will teach us and guide us into all Truth, and set us free. These promises would be nonsense if we already knew the Truth and were free. But no. The promises of Jesus are predicated on the fact that we have neither, and need both.

Now, of course, this all must begin at salvation. If you come to the Cross as a dead sinner you will receive Jesus Christ – which is equal to receiving the Holy Spirit. At that point, you DO have the embodiment of Truth in you. But do you know all Truth? Are you truly set free? Are you yet MADE TRUE? No. There must be a growth process.

Once we receive the Spirit of Truth, we must begin a process wherein the Holy Spirit will begin to teach us all things and guide us into all the Truth. He will begin to MAKE US TRUE. But can we see that there is a problem, and that problem is US? Yep. We are UNTRUE.

Do you really believe that YOU ARE TRUE? Now, you might want to be. And you might be as true as you know to be. But can you accept that there are depths to your being and character that will always be UNTRUE – that is – out of harmony and adjustment with Christ?

I’m not talking here about open or conscious rebellion. I am simply talking about the fact that the natural man is contrary to God. In other words, you can try all you want to join yourself to He that is TRUE – while you are yet UNTRUE -- and try all you want to paste the two together with doctrines or whatever, but it isn’t going to work. We are simply NOT FIT for God. We are NOT compatible with Him. And the problem is not God. He is true. The problem is with US. For we are UNTRUE to some degree, whether we know it or not.

Why do you think that it is often impossible to understand God? Or to even find Him – or at least it seems like it. Well, the reason is often that He is true and we are untrue – in the sense that we are operating out of a wrong basis, unto a false end, and with untrue motives. We may not even know it. Thus, God has to make us true to even get us started. And if we don’t know this as a possibility, we will think He is ignoring us. We may even think HE is untrue – because we cannot imagine that we are untrue. What deception!

Accountability to God

When we talk of being untrue, we are really talking about being upside down. To be untrue is to be a false expression of what God wants, and to be living from a false position, with false goals. For example, some folks don’t know to glorify God, but seek to use the things of God to glorify THEMSELVES. Rather than to belong to God, perhaps I try to belong to myself. The cause of all of these things is really, in the end, unbelief and self-will. Are these not the height of being untrue? Sure. But perhaps I do not live like this on purpose, or in a knowing way. Maybe I just keep walking in a pattern that is untrue because it is all I know to do, or all that I can do. I may be blind. But regardless, it is all a lie – all untrue in a living way. God cannot affirm it. He will, in fact, oppose it – for He loves us and wants us free. So, at some point, if I am untrue, I have to be stopped. And God has to stop me. He must stop me and make me true.

The solution is clear: Any untrue aspect of our being must be made true. But what does that mean? Well, it means that I have to come into a relationship with the Truth Himself – so that I can be MADE TRUE; so that I can be conformed TO HIM. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. And yet, that is just a general statement. What does that mean practically? Where do we start being MADE TRUE?

The place we must start is with our personal accountability to God. It ALWAYS starts there. It cannot start anywhere else. Get that true and everything else will begin to line up with the Truth, because it is a foundation. Fail to get that established in Truth, and little else can be built.

The basis of most everything in the Christian life is moral accountability to God. But don’t think of this just in terms of immorality vs. living a clean life. It is more than that. Moral accountability to God means that I belong to God – all of me, including even all of my good traits. Moral accountability to God is really wrapped up in the Truth of Jesus as my personal Lord. I am not my own – I have been bought with a price. He is God, and I am not.

Now, if you will notice, what I am talking about here is a TRUE relationship between myself and God. That is what all of this is – a true relationship. That must form the basis of everything else true – and it begins with my personal accountability to Him in everything. So, if you see what I am getting at, if I want to be made true, so that I can walk with the Truth, then it starts with me coming into a true relationship with God Himself. And it begins with my personal accountability to Him as God.

You are not going to be able to walk with God in Truth unless you are morally accountable to Him – for that is the basis of Truth. To suggest otherwise is utter nonsense, and really, an abomination, for to suggest otherwise is actually agreement with the biggest lie of all. Go back to the garden temptation. You will see what I mean – it all comes back to who gets to decide right and wrong. God or us? It all comes back to accountability to God AS God.

If we begin to make ourselves accountable to God, we are immediately in a TRUE relationship with Him. We are, at that point, MADE TRUE – because we are being TRUE TO GOD, and one with God. And if we are made true on that issue, then we can see more Truth. But if we hold ourselves back from God on the matter of accountability, we have undermined the basis for all Truth, and our relationship with God is actually untrue. We cannot progress.

Now, of course, it is never possible for us to know the depths of our own hearts. So the concern is liable to arise that we could be untrue and not know it. Well, we need not be concerned that this might be the case, because the fact is, IT IS THE CASE. We are all in exactly this condition. So what can we do about it?

It is here that we need to see what it really means to make ourselves personally accountable to God. It will include confessing sins and perhaps changing the way we live. We MUST do that, and this is a given. But there is something more – something that really covers EVERYTHING. It is a surrender to God that not only gives Him what we do know, but also gives Him all that we do not know. I can it the, "whatever it takes," commitment to God.

We can surrender to God for WHATEVER IT TAKES to MAKE US TRUE. We may not know what it will take, or know the depths of our hearts, but we can surrender to the One who does know. And if we surrender to God for WHATEVER IT TAKES to MAKE US TRUE – we are making ourselves totally accountable to God. And if we do that, we are actually, through that surrender, MADE TRUE – for we are now in a true relationship with God.

This does not mean we won’t have to grow. In fact, if we surrender to God for whatever it takes to make us true, God will take us up on that – and then we are going to have to keep surrendered, and keep being accountable to Him. This kind of surrender only begins with a commitment to God. At that point, yes, we ARE TRUE – we are in a true relationship. But we have to KEEP being true when the test comes – and it will come.

So this is what accountability to God means – it is where it will bring us: It is a total relinquishment of our right to own ourselves. You and I will never be MADE TRUE unless we surrender to God in this way, and then live accountable to Him. Anything else and you are not living in the Truth, let alone made true. You are actually living a lie – you are living as if you are not accountable to Him. So it all starts there, with moral accountability to God.

But what if I fail? There is no, "what if." You will fail. But that is not the point. The point is not your success in obedience. The point is your surrender regardless of your failures. Part of surrender to God is to stay surrendered even if you fail. This is not about you making a grade. It is about you giving yourself, failures along the way included, to God.

We can see how this works in a practical sense. We are commanded, for example, to REPENT. Well, isn’t repentance a matter of CONFESSING THE TRUTH that we have not been accountable to God, and then turning around and making ourselves accountable to Him? At that point, we have BECOME TRUE, haven’t we? We have told the Truth about ourselves, and about God, and have become true by entering into a relationship with Christ on the basis of Truth. We still have to grow, but there is basis that has been formed.

So if you fail along the way in your walk with Christ, you tell the Truth about it. And on the basis of what Christ has done, you keep in your commitment for God to do whatever it takes to make you true. Do you realize that when you do tell the Truth about your failures, and keep in God’s grace by faith in Christ, that even though you have failed, you are BEING TRUE? Sure you are. You are confessing the Truth, and committing yourself to the Truth by faith. In effect, one of the ways we are made true is by confessing that we are untrue. Ironic, but this isn’t about US impressing God. It is about us coming to know Him.

If you follow what I am saying, if you surrender to God for whatever it takes to make you true, you are, in a very real sense, BEING TRUE – you are actually evidencing the fact that you are already being MADE TRUE – for the surrender itself is a true surrender. It is the result of knowing the Truth and being set free.

This total relinquishment is really where the Truth will bring us. It is really what it means to enter into a relationship with Christ that MAKES US TRUE, and it is really what it means to be SET FREE. The work of the Holy Spirit may not be finished – but it cannot even start until we surrender wholly in this way, and open ourselves to Him.

Death and Resurrection

The relinquishment of myself into God’s hands for whatever it takes for Him to make me true – to His glory – is really a great death. It is the death to the power of the flesh, and to the basis of sin in my life. It is the death to everything that might otherwise grip me and bind me. In other words, when I relinquish myself into the hands of God I am being made true – and this sets me free from the lie that I once was. The Truth has set me free, not only from lying things over to true things, but from the lie that I was, to being made true in Jesus Christ.

THE SIN of the human race is self-ownership, leading to the unbelief that rejects Jesus Christ as my personal Lord. Thus, the Holy Spirit is always going bring me back to this point of personal accountability to God. And if I do surrender to Christ in faith, it is going to be a death to the very basis of that which binds us: Self-ownership and unbelief. What will rise up will be the resurrection life of Christ who is in me – and this will be because I have been MADE TRUE. The Truth can live in and through one who has been made true. The Truth can move in one in whom the Truth Himself is able to freely move.

You will find that the key to knowing the Truth is right here. It is not a matter of brains. It is a matter of moral accountability and surrender to God. Die that death, and life will come forth in a greater way. And with that LIFE will come LIGHT. And that LIGHT will renew your mind. Because you have been MADE TRUE by coming into a true relationship with Christ, you will be on a moral basis that will enable you to understand Truth.

What all of this adds up to is really simple: We must see Jesus. He is the Truth. And the only way to be made true is to come into a relationship with Him. There is no greater freedom.

Problem and Solution

Now we can see why there is so much error in the Body of Christ, and so much disagreement. It is not because God has failed us. No. We have failed God. The Holy Spirit wants to make us true. But many of us don’t even know that. Others won’t let Him. The only solution is to come back to the purpose of God for this age: That Jesus might be made know TO us, IN us, and THROUGH us. Then we will be set free because this will MAKE US TRUE.

And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life. (1 John 5:20)

"We are in Him that is true." That is quite a statement. For to be in Him that is true must result in US becoming true so that we might live and fellowship with Him. John said this earlier in the same epistle:

This then is the message that we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin. (1 John 1:5-7)

If we want real fellowship with God, we cannot be in darkness – i.e., be untrue. This issue is just that important. And this is the purpose of the Holy Spirit for this age – to make walking with God possible. We need only open ourselves to Him for this work to make us true.

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