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The Alpha and Omega

by David A. DePra

I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. (Rev. 1:11)

     These are the first words of Jesus in the book of Revelation,
which is a revelation OF the Christ. His words, among many other
things, are the answer to two questions we often ask of God:
Lord, where do I begin?
Lord, where does this end?
     There are many people, some already Christians, and some
not, who simply do not know where to begin with God. Some do
not know where to start to seek God in a given trial or situation.
They are asking, "Where do I begin?"
     Now, this really shouldn't be a hard question to answer. But
we have made it hard through much bad teaching. Some people
are given all kinds of places to start in their quest for God. Some
are told to attend church. Some are told that they must first do a
good work or even submit to authority. Others are told they must
clean up their act before they dare to approach God.
     Most of these suggestions are well-intended. None of us want
to leave the impression that coming to God "just as I am" is a
license to stay that way. But somehow, somewhere, along the
way, we have lost the gospel. We have become so concerned
about sin, that we have forgotten that the sinner must first get to the
One who can set them free from it. So we set conditions and terms
upon ourselves and others which must be met before we can
approach Jesus.
     The fact is, coming to God "just as I am" is the ONLY way I can
come. It is the only condition in which I could possibly have faith
in Him. I must come needy, just as I am, without anything added
which I think will qualify me. And I can come NOW. I don't need
to wait. Whether I'm a Christian having problems, or an unsaved
person, I can turn this moment, just as I am, to Jesus Christ.
     Jesus is the Alpha. He is the beginning. We don't start before
we get to Jesus. We start with Jesus. That means that no matter
how evil my sin has been in life, no matter how many times I've
turned my back on God, and no matter how much of a wreck I've
made of myself, I can turn to Jesus Christ -- NOW. I can come. He
has already done all there is to do about the sin and ruination of
my life.
     If there is any sin which the Redemption of Jesus Christ has not
redeemed, then none of His Redemption is trustworthy. But no.
There is no sin deeper than the death which Jesus suffered. He
has gotten victory over all sin, and all death.
     So Jesus is where we start. But He is also the Omega -- the
Person to whom it is all leading. No matter how difficult life may
be, and no matter what is happening, it is all unto the greater
knowledge and freedom in Jesus Christ. And yes, if Jesus is the
first and the last, He is also the in-between. That leaves no room
for any other. *

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