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January, 2022

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      Foundational Truth #4 - Abiding In Christ May22-676
      Foundational Truth #3 - Christ Manifested Jan 22-675
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  MeWe page   Fear Not, Only Believe Apr21-669
      Revelation 12:  The Woman in the Wilderness Mar21-668
      Judgment Begins with the Household of God Oct20-667
  also   Repent and Believe the Gospel Sep20-666
  The Good News Audio   The Great Truth of Reconcilation Unto God May20-665
  Audio Messages  by David A. DePra   The Calling and The Journey Dec19-664
      The Truth about Spiritual Gifts Nov19-663
      God's Eternal Purpose for the Body of Christ Jul19-662
      Do the Next Thing Jun19-661
  Free PDF Books   Faith that is Solely in Christ Aug18-660
  or hard copy   The Revelation of Jesus Christ Mar18-659
  by David A. DePra   One in Christ, But Scattered Feb18-658
  CLICK HERE   Taking Possession of the Inheritance Nov17-657
      The Other Side of Travail Oct17-656
      The Greatest Lie of Satan Sep17-655
      God's Strength thru Our Weakness Jun17-654
      Christ In Us May17-653
      Faith When God is Silent May17-652
      Reasons God Sent Jesus Apr17-651
      Behold, the Lamb of God Feb17-650
      Intercession With Christ Feb17-649
  The Good News articles and all other   The Faith Once Delivered Feb17-648
  materials are written by David A. DePra   Signs and Wonders Jan17-647
      What is Christianity? Dec16-646
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  Google  Search   The LOGOS of God Dec16-644
      Leaving Ourselves Alone Nov16-643
      The Meaning of True Faith Oct16-642
      Why Believe and Obey God? Sep16-641
      The Purpose of God in Suffering Aug16-640
   EMAIL ADDRESS:   Jesus Having Come in the Flesh Jul16-639   The Meaning of Christianity Jun16-638
      God's Eternal Purpose in Christ Jun16-637
      Law versus Grace May16-636
      The Two Men May16-635
      Truth or Deception Apr16-634
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        The Evidence of the Resurrection Apr15-625
      Christianity vs. Gnosticism Apr15-624
      Risen With Christ Mar15-623

At this website:

  The Heavenly Man Feb15-622
  Jesus is Lord and the Bible is the   Reflections - December Dec14-621
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      The Key:  Abide in Christ: Sep14-616

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Reflections - January

      Made Unto Us Sanctification Dec13-602
      To Win Christ and be Found in Him Nov13-601
      Losing to Save and Saving to Lose Sep13-600
      Faith is Never a Mistake Aug13-599
      Offering Back the Promise Received Jun13-598
      Foundations of Grace and Truth in Exodus May13-597
      Fellowship and Inheritance Apr13-596
      The Living Bread Feb13-595
      The Good Tree Feb13-594
      A Better Country Jan13-593
      Why Does God Allow Evil? Dec12-592
      The Resurrection Oct12-591
      The Truth Oct12-590
      The Light Oct12-589
      The Vine Oct12-588
      The Way Oct12-587
      Grace and Truth Oct12-586
      The Heavenly vs. The Earthly Aug12-585
      Anti-Christ Aug12-584
      Formed Together With Christ May12-583
      The Simple Gospel May12-582
      The Truth about Same Sex Marriage May12-581
      Lose to Win Apr12-580
      Grace is Free Apr12-579
      Living IN the Faith OF Christ Feb12-578
      Taking Possession Feb12-577
      Carrying the Presence of Christ Jan12-576
      Lord, That I May See Jan12-575
      Faith and the Dividing of Soul from Spirit Dec11-574
      Righteousness: Losing Ours and Finding His Oct11-573
      The Truth about Sowing and Reaping Oct11-572
      Flesh vs. Spirit Sep11-571
      Why Christians Suffer Aug11-570
      The Answer For Perplexity Jun11-569
      Aftermath of the Harold Camping Debacle May11-568
      The Absolute Essential of Knowing Christ May11-567
      The Harold Camping Debacle Apr11-566
      The Living Bread Apr11-565 
      Laying Aside Sin Mar11-564
      Overcoming Sin Through the Cross Mar11-563
      True Righteousness Feb11-562
      Setting Your Mind Feb11-561
      Freely Received and Freely Given Jan11-560
      The "Gospels" of Cain and Abel Jan11-559
      All in Christ Jan11-558
      Birth Through Travail Dec10-557
      Yet Not I, But Christ Oct10-556
      Governed by Life, Not by Law Oct10-555
      Christ Crucified Oct10-554
      Spiritual Sight Jul10-553
      The Key to Knowing the Truth Jun10-552
      Made True Unto God Jun10-551
      The Essential of Sound Doctrine Jun10-550
      The Reward of the Faithful May10-549
      Faith is the Victory May10-548
      Seeking First His Kingdom Apr10-547
      True Faith vs. Fake Faith Apr10-546
      No Confidence in the Flesh Mar10-545
      Set Apart for Christ Mar10-544
      Being In Christ Feb10-543
      When God is Silent Feb10-542
      Christ in You, the Hope of Glory Feb10-541
      The Fullness of Christ Dec09-540
      The Key to Everything Oct09-539
      A Renewed Mind Aug09-538
      Giving vs. Tithing:  Which is the Will of God? Aug09-537
      Discipleship and Learning Christ Jul09-536
      Dependency Upon God May09-535
      The Stuff We Are Made Of May09-534
      True or Untrue to God? May09-533
      Blessed Is He Who Comes Apr09-532
      Resurrection Life in Jesus Christ Feb09-531
      The Prayer that Paul Prayed Feb09-530
      The Warfare Between Natural and Spiritual Feb09-529
      The Eyes of Our Understanding Jan09-528
      That Christ Might Fill All Things Jan09-527
      The Mystery of God in Christ Dec08-526
      How to Increase In Faith Nov08-525
      Seated In Christ Nov08-524
      The Great Shaking to Come Nov08-523
      Apprehended by God Oct08-522
      Letting Go To God Sep08-521
      On God's Side Sep08-520
      Unity in the Truth Aug08-519
      Where There is No Vision Aug08-518
      The Cross and Circumcision Jun08-517
      Telling the Truth Jun08-516
      Created in Christ Jesus May08-515
      Forming of Christ Within May08-514
      What Should Control a Christian? May08-513
      What is Victory in Christ Jesus? Apr08-512
      The Purpose of God's Law Apr08-511
      Rewards and Works Mar08-510
      Inheritance in Christ Mar08-509
      O Foolish Galatians! Feb08-508
      What Does it Mean to be Justified by Faith? Feb08-507
      The God of New Beginnings Jan08-506
      Believing and Seeing Dec07-505
      The Carnal and Spiritual Mind Dec07-504
      Repentance and the New Birth Dec07-503
      Finding God's Provision Dec07-502
      Authority and Word of Faith Nov07-501
      Two Ways of Life Nov07-500
      The Message:  God is Light Nov07-499
      Romans 8 Nov07-498
      Two Gospels Oct07-497
      The Unveiled Face Oct07-496
      When Heaven Touches Earth Oct07-495
      Sanctified By the Truth Oct07-494
      Faith and the Will of God Oct07-493
      The Ministry of Life Oct07-492
      Three Words of the Baptism Oct07-491
      Romans 7 Sep07-490
      Coming Under to Get Over Sep07-489
      The Refusal of Forgiveness Sep07-488
      All Spiritual Blessings In Christ Sep07-487
      The Preaching of the Cross Aug07-486
      Romans 6 Aug07-485
      The Conviction of the Holy Spirit Aug07-484
      Christ Through Us Aug07-483
      Shadow or Substance? Aug07-482
      Why Does God Seem So Indifferent? Jul07-481
      Thy Word is Truth Jul07-480
      Glory of God or the Glory of Man? Jul07-479
      Asking and Receiving God's Will Jun07-478
      How to Know the Will of God Jun07-477
      Made True Jun07-476
      A New Covenant May07-475
      The Absolute Certainty of God's Will May07-474
      The Promise of the Father May07-473
      Standing and Withstanding May07-472
      From Slaves to Conquerors Apr07-471
      I Shall Not Be Moved Apr07-470
      The Meaning of Real Surrender to God Apr07-469
      Living Epistles:  The Proof of True Ministry Apr07-468
      Entering the Promised Land Mar07-467
      Walking in the Spirit Mar07-466
      Amalek -- The Natural Man Mar07-465
      Committed to God's Glory in Christ Mar07-464
      Be Still and Know Feb07-463
      Ten Biblical Facts about Fear Feb07-462
      Caught Up Into His Purpose Feb07-461
      Seven Gospel Truths from Exodus Feb07-460
      "I Am the Truth" Jan07-459
      The Need for Discernment Jan07-458
      When Does Grace Abound? Jan07-457
      The Altar and True Worship Jan07-456
      The Glory of His Kingdom Dec06-455
      Pressed Out of Measure to Christ Dec06-454
      The One True Gospel Dec06-453
      The Virgin Birth Dec06-452
      The Absolute Essential of Truth Nov06-451
      The False Gospel of Word of Faith Nov06-450
      Citizens of Heaven Nov06-449
      The Secret Place of the Most High Nov06-448
      Zero People Nov06-447
      The Law of the Spirit of LIFE Oct06-446
      The False Gospel of Liberalism Oct06-445
      God's Mind for the NT Church Oct06-444
      The Nature of Things Oct06-443
      The Vine, the Branches, and Faith Oct06-442
      7 Facts About The Faith of Jesus Christ Oct06-441
      Four Warnings From Colossians Oct06-440
      Letting God BE God Oct06-439
      Keeping the Way of the Tree of Life Sep06-438
      Knowing No Man, "After the Flesh" Sep06-437

The God of All Grace

      Understanding the Olivet Prophecy   (Matt 24) Sep06-435
      Lessons from the Book of Job Aug06-434
      The Baptism With the Holy Spirit (11pts) Aug06-433
      Nevertheless I Live...Yet Not I Aug06-432
      The Gospel of God and Self-Esteem of Man Jul06-431
      I AM The Way Jul06-430
      Unconditional Surrender:  Why? and How? Jul06-429
      Emotions, Guidance, and the Holy Spirit Jul06-428
      Christ, Our Life Jun06-427
      The Key to Financial Freedom Jun06-426
      666? Jun06-425
      The Prayer God Always Answers Jun06-424
      The Former and Latter Rain May06-423
      Victory in Christ Jesus:  What Does it Mean? May06-422
      Peace That is Beyond Understanding May06-421
      Ananais and Achan May06-420
      Finding or Missing the Will of God Apr06-419
      The Solution to Religious Confusion Apr06-418
      What is, "The Anointing?" Apr06-417
      Jesus:  I Will Build My Church Apr06-416
      The Proving of Faith Mar06-415
      The Basis of Victory Mar06-414
      God's Blueprint for Trials Mar06-413
      By Grace Through Faith Mar06-412
      The Institutionalization of the Church Mar06-411
      The False Doctrine of the Nicolatanes Mar06-410
      The Reward of the Redeemed Feb06-409
      A New Man Feb06-408
      The POWER of God Feb06-407
      Movements, Revivals, and "The Anointing" Feb06-406
      Conviction? Condemnation? Or Chastisement? Feb06-405
      What Does it Mean to be LED by the Spirit? Feb06-404
      The Life and the Light Feb06-403
      God's Goal:  Christ Jan06-402
      Four Assurances Jan06-401
      The Large Place Jan06-400
      The Written Word and The Living Word Jan06-399
      Rivers of Living Water Jan06-398
      The Day Abraham Died Jan06-397
      Why is Christianity So Hard? Jan06-396
      Strength Through Weakness Jan06-395
      Jesus is Lord Jan06-394
      Seeking First:  God or Mammon? Jan06-393
      Christianity:  Christ in Us Dec05-392
      Christianity:  A Revelation of Jesus Christ Dec05-391
      Gnosticism -- Alive and Well Dec05-390
      Be Still and Know Dec05-389
      Your Best Life Now?  How? Dec05-388
      The Galilee Principle Dec05-387
      Despair Over Yourself Dec05-386
      What Exactly is God Doing Down Here? Nov05-385

The Sufficiency and Centrality of Christ

      Can We Control God by Giving Money? Nov05-383
      The Dividing of Soul from Spirit Nov05-382
      The Big Surprise Nov05-381
      The Evidence Within Nov05-380
      Are You Avoiding the Inevitable? Nov05-379
      The Principles and the Person  Nov05-378
      Faith IS...? Oct05-377
      The Unfolded God Oct05-376
      Quenching Fiery Darts Oct05-375
      Bargaining With God Oct05-374
      Who is Building Your Church? Oct05-373
      The Biggest Lie Ever Told Oct05-372
      Are There More Apostles Today? Oct05-371
      The "Authority" of the Believer Oct05-370
      Is There a, "Second Blessing?"  Sep05-369
      Worship and the Power of God Sep05-368
      Is Christianity Merely a Theological Position? Sep05-367
      Can You Lose Your Salvation? Sep05-366
      The Yes and Amen Aug05-365
      Do I Trust God, or My Understanding? Aug05-364
      Are Christians Subject to Generational Curses? Aug05-363
      God's Open Door Aug05-362
      Inheriting the Kingdom of God Aug05-361
      What Does it Mean to, "Be Holy?" Aug05-360
      Formed Together With Christ Aug05-359
      A Present and Future Kingdom Aug05-358
      Divine Ups and Downs Jul05-357
      Can God Trust Us? Jul05-356
      Experience, or Dead Religion? Jul05-355
      Married to "Another" Jul05-354
      The Bible and Truth Jul05-353
      Salvation and Knowing the Truth Jul05-352
      The Last Adam Jun05-351
      The Trial of Your Faith Jun05-350
      What is, "The Way of Escape?" Jun05-349
      Man's Moral Conscience Jun05-348
      The Christian and Politics Jun05-347
      Unity -- At All Cost? Jun05-346
      What is True Repentance? May05-345
      If Jesus Started All Over Again May05-344
      The Essence of True Ministry May05-343
      Hidden in Christ May05-342
      The Purpose of the Church May05-341
      Obedience to the Faith May05-340
      Why Won't God JUST TELL ME?!!! Apr05-339
      After Surrender, Then What? Apr05-338
      Have You Been To Galilee? Apr05-337
      Is the Truth What We REALLY Want? Apr05-336
      Incorruptible Life Apr05-335
      Thy Kingdom Come? Mar05-334
      The Real Need:  To See Jesus Mar05-333
      The Gospel of ME Mar05-332
      Have We Learned Christ? Mar05-331
      Holy Laughter? Mar05-330
      Yet Not I, But Christ Feb05-329
      What is Faithfulness? Feb05-328
      Beware of False Prophets Feb05-327
      Ark on a Cart Feb05-326
      Revival, Apostasy, and the Antichrist Feb05-325
      Is There New Revelation Today? Feb05-324
      The Centrality of the Cross Jan05-323
      Lying Signs and Wonders Jan05-322
      Condemnation or Chastisement? Jan05-321
      Rest or Resignation? Jan05-320
      By My Spirit Jan05-319


  That I May Know Him Jan05-318
      Salvation Belongs to the Lord Jan05-317
      Is Faith a "Force?" Jan05-316
      The Spirit of Sonship Dec04-315
      What Does It Mean, "To Be Found In Christ"? Dec04-314
      Strangers and Pilgrims Dec04-313
      The Faith Principle of Life from Death Dec04-312
      Born Unto Adversity Dec04-311
      When Jacob Became Israel Nov04-310
      The Work of the Holy Spirit Nov04-309
      Face to Face Nov04-308
      Are You Afraid of God's Will? Nov04-307
      How Do You React to Your Sins? Nov04-306
      The Object of Our Devotion Nov04-305
      Understanding Deliverance from Sin Oct04-304
      If We Build It...Will HE Come? Oct04-303
      But You Shall Receive Power Oct04-302
      Our Eternal Inheritance Sep04-301
      A New Birth Into a New Realm Sep04-300
      Obedience:  Fear or Reverence? Sep04-299
      The Seven Feasts of Israel -- Part II Sep04-298
      What Does It Mean to Worship God? Aug04-297
      Truth and Freedom Aug04-296
      What Is "Election?" Aug04-295
      The Seven Feasts of Israel -- Part 1 Aug04-294
      The Acceptable Year of the Lord Jul04-293
      The Lord is Thy Keeper Jul04-292
      Obeying God:  Why? Jul04-291
      The Ministry of Reconciliation Jul04-290
      But NOW...Justification by Faith Jun04-289
      Under the Mighty Hand of God Jun04-288
      The Key:  We Are Not Our Own Jun04-287
      What is Spiritual Death?  (Examining Total Depravity) Jun04-286
      Which Comes First:  Regeneration or Faith? May04-285
      Ananias and Sapphira May04-284
      The Foolishness of the Cross? May04-283
      The Resurrection:  Reality or Conspiracy? May04-282
      The Times of Ignorance Apr04-280
      The Apostle's Doctrine Apr04-279
      Divine Guidance Apr04-278
      The Lie of Moral Relativism Apr04-277
      What is Eternal Life? Mar04-276
      Revelation 13:  Closer to Home Than We Think Mar04-275
      The Outer Court of the Tabernacle Mar04-274
      Things Churches Do Mar04-273
      What is Your Reason for Living? Feb04-272
      The Fear of the Lord Feb04-271
      The Witness of God Feb04-270
      The Will of God Feb04-269
      Purpose and Function of the Holy Spirit Feb04-268
      Invasion! Jan04-267
      He That Overcomes Jan04-266
      Cultivating a Grateful Heart Jan04-265
      What Does It Mean to be Born Again? Dec03-264
      Faith and "Believing"   Dec03-263
      The Sin  Dec03-262
      How to Hear the Words of God Dec03-261
      Identity in Christ Dec03-260
      The Seed of Abraham Nov03-259
      Pharaoh's Hardened Heart Nov03-258
      Christ -- Our Passover Nov03-257
      The Advocate  Nov03-256
      Christ -- The Propitiation  Nov03-255
      Agape -- No Greater Love  Nov03-254
      Christianity:  Christ In Us  Oct03-253
      The Living Word  Oct03-252
      Looking Unto Jesus Oct03-251
      God is Light   Oct03-250
      The Forgiveness of Sins Oct03-249
      True Spiritual Riches  Sep03-248
      Whatever It Takes   Sep03-247
      Light Is Come  Sep03-246
      Paths of Righteousness  Aug03-245
      Through the Valley  Aug03-244
      The Journey Home  Aug03-243
      Living With God Forever   Aug03-242
      Here's THE Question  Aug03-241
      The Day Pentecost Came  Jul03-240
      Who Was Jesus Christ? Jul03-239
      He Restores My Soul  Jul03-238
      Green Pastures  Jul03-237
      Are Evolution and Christianity Compatible?  Jul03-236
      A New Name   Jun03-235
      Free Indeed  Jun03-234
      Raising Our Children God's Way Jun03-233
      The Rock   Jun03-232
      Make Room for God Jun03-231
      How Can You Know Truth From Heresy? Jun03-230
      The Gifts of the Holy Spirit May03-229
      Understanding Law and Grace May03-228
      Working Out Our Salvation May03-227
      Liberty and Love May03-226
      Treasure in Earthen Vessels May03-225
      A New Heaven and Earth  May03-224
      What is Prayer?   Apr03-223
      In My Father's House  Apr03-222
      Are You Ready for The Judgment of God? Apr03-221
      Just a Few Thoughts on:  The Resurrection Apr03-220
      The Doctrine of the Christ  Mar03-219
      The Mystery of His Body Mar03-218
      Baptized Into Christ Mar03-217
      What is the Conscience? Mar03-216
      Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God  Mar03-215
      The Communion of the Saints  Feb03-214
      Legalism, License, and Liberty in Jesus Christ Feb03-213
      The Word Become Flesh  Jan03-210
      Two Men Jan03-209
      Parable of the Sower Jan03-208
      Getting Back Your Spiritual Sight  Dec02-207
      Close Encounters of the Christ Kind    Dec02-206
      Emmanuel -  God With Us Dec02-205
      Lazarus, Come Forth  Nov02-204
      Be Ye Converted  Nov02-203
      Does Jesus Christ Know You?  Nov02-202
      Do You Want to See Jesus Christ?   Nov02-201
      Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock   Oct02-200
      Can Man Know that God Exists? Oct02-199
      Repenting of Unbelief Oct02-198
      Pioneering Freedom in Jesus Christ Sep02-197
      Saint or Sinner?:  Our Identity in Christ  Sep02-196
      Looking at God Thru "Dead Colored Glasses" Sep02-195
      Speaking the Truth:  In Love Sep02-194
      Upon This Rock  Aug02-193
      Jesus Took Away the Sin of the World Aug02-192
      Trials, Tribulation, and God's Purpose  Jul02-191
      The Gospel of Grace  Jul02-190
      Controlled by the Love of God Jul02-189
      Paul:  From Pharisee to Apostle of Grace Jul02-188
      Singleness of Heart   Jun02-187
      Faith & Belief:  Are They the Same?  Jun02-186
      Repent and Believe   May02-185
      What Went Wrong With the Church? May02-184
      What is the Grace of God? May02-183
      The Carpenter's Son   Apr02-182
      But We See Jesus Apr02-181
      Christianity:  Reality or Bogus Religion? Apr02-180
      The Lost Things   Mar02-179
      Are You Serving God for a Reward?   Mar02-178
      The Offense of the Cross Feb02-177
      The Parable of the Wheat and Tares  Feb02-176
      What is "the Outer Darkness?" Feb02-175
      Are You Ready for the Second Coming?  Jan02-174
      The Beginning of Wisdom Jan02-173
      The Voice Crying in the Wilderness Jan02-172
      Neglecting Our Salvation? Jan02-171
      True Christian Conversion Dec01-170
      A Very Taxing Situation  Dec01-169
      Contending for the Faith Once Delivered Nov01-168
      What is the Church? Nov01-167
      What is Real Christian Love? Nov01-166
      BEING Thankful   Nov01-165
      What is Sin?  Oct01-164
      Playing God:  Abortion and Human Cloning Oct01-163
      September 11, 2001  Oct01-162
      It's Time to Vent: Profiting from Tragedy? Oct01-161
      The Knowledge of God Sep01-160
      Corruption From Simplicity Sep01-159
      Finding God in the Impossible  Part 3 of 3 Sep01-158
      Starting Over With God -- Again   Aug01-157
      Finding God in the Impossible  Part 2 of 3 Aug01-156
      Finding God in the Impossible  Part 1 of 3 Jul01-155
      Why Obey God? Jul01-154
      Who Was Melchesedek? Jul01-153
      Jesus Paid It All Jul01-152
      What is Faith? Jun01-151
      The Truth About Divine Healing Jun01-150
      Abba Father Jun01-149
      Through the Rent Veil May01-148
      Purpose of the OT Sacrifices May01-147
      Victory in Spiritual Warfare May01-146
      Victory Over Death May01-145
      Blind to the Grace of God? May01-144
      The Mirage of Certainty Apr01-143
      Keeping the Sabbath in Jesus Christ  Apr01-142
      The Hour of His Visitation  Apr01-141
      Easter:  Resurrection in Jesus Christ Apr01-140
      Abandonment to God  Mar01-139
      By a Way We Know Not Mar01-138
      "The Job Syndrome" Mar01-137
      Answers Thru Travail Mar01-136
      Not With Words of Wisdom Mar01-135
      What is Legalism? Feb01-134
      What is Real Christian Unity?   Feb01-133
      Fighting the Fight of Faith Feb01-132
      What Does It Mean to Judge Others? Feb01-131
      Why Were You Born Again? Jan01-130
      Knowing No One After the Flesh Jan01-129
      Do You Ever Doubt God? Jan01-128
      Many are Called, Few are Chosen Dec00-127
      Who Moved -- Me or God? Dec00-126
      Does Grace lead to License? Nov00-125
      What is Righteous Character? Nov00-124
      Fainting in Prayer Oct00-123
      Fools for Christ Oct00-122
      Proclamations of Faith - Heresy Oct00-121
      The Finality of Forgiveness Sep00-120
      Invading Jericho and the Promised Land Aug00-119
      Now We See Through a Glass Darkly Aug00-118
      Concerning Spiritual Gifts Aug00-117
      What is Deception? Jul00-116
      Faith Without Works is Dead Jul00-115
      THIS Generation  (Matthew 24) Jul00-114
      Proclamations of Faith:  Discernment Jun00-113
      When Christians Sin Jun00-112
      Crucified With Christ Jun00-111
      Trusting God, Not Our Understanding  May00-110
      No More Sacrifice for Sin May00-109
      By Faith We Understand May00-108
      Giving Ourselves Into His Hands May00-107
      Praying in the Name of Jesus    Apr00-106
      Trying to Fix Sin   Apr00-105
      The "Unused" License    Apr00-104
      Entering By the Narrow Gate   Mar00-103
      The Lord of the Inconvenient  Mar00-102
      Bondslaves of Christ    Mar00-101
      Revelation 5 - The Lamb Hath Prevailed   Feb00-100
      Are You Afraid of God?   Feb00-099
      The "Cost" of Grace    Feb00-098
      Jesus Stooped Down and Wrote    Feb00-097
      The Divine Avenger   Feb00-096
      Making Friends of Unrighteous Mammon  Jan00-095
      Sin and Grace Jan00-094


  The Wrath of God Jan00-093
      Why Is God So Hard to Find? Jan00-092
      Proclamations of Faith:  Presumption Jan00-091
      The High Calling of God      Dec99-090
      The Way Into the Holiest   Dec99-089
      Fitting Y2K Into Our Prophetic Schemes Dec99-088
      Confusion:   It's Causes and Cures Nov99-087
      The Alpha and Omega Nov99-086
      Leaving Our First Love     Oct99-085
      The Initiative of God        Oct99-084
      If the "Old Man" is Dead....?    Sep99-083
      Love Fulfills the Law  Sep99-082
      Out of Darkness Into the Light    Sep99-081
      Your Heavenly Father Knows  Aug99-080
      Resurrection NOW   Aug99-079
      Why Does the Sun Keep Moving?  Aug99-078
      The Broken Heart of God     Aug99-077
      Just As I Am  Jul99-076
      Overcoming Depression  Jul99-075
      He Neither Slumbers Nor Sleeps  Jul99-074
      The Hem of His Garment (Poem)  Jul99-073
      Confession of Sin  Jul99-072
      Proclamations of Faith:  Jesus Christ   Jul99-071
      The Ultimate Act of Faith Jun99-070
      Looking for the Kingdom of God? Jun99-069
      The Power of the Gospel Jun99-068
      How Can I Be Sure About Anything? Jun99-067
      Proclamations of Faith:  Prophecy Jun99-066
      Why Does God Allow.... May99-065
      End-Time Prophecy Presumption May99-064
      Selling Indulgences May99-063
      Arming Ourselves with the Mind of Christ May99-062
      Proclamations of Faith:  Liberty May99-061
      Overcoming In Christ Apr99-060
      Forgiving Others Apr99-059
      Losing Your Life to Find It Mar99-058
      I AM the Bread of Life Mar99-057
      By Grace Thru Faith Mar99-056
      Like a Thief in the Night Mar99-055
      Proclamations of Faith:  Overcoming Mar99-054
      Our Heavenly Father   Feb99-053
      Worthy is the Lamb That Was Slain Feb99-052
      Just the Facts? Feb99-051
      Proclamations of Faith:  Cults Feb99-050
      The Crisis Point of Faith Feb99-049
      The Redemption: 5 Errors and 5 Truths Jan99-048
      Examine Yourself Jan99-047
      Suffering:  An Eternal Perspective Jan99-046
      Proclamations of Faith:  Emotions Jan99-045
      The Last Trumpet Dec98-044
      This is the Work of God Dec98-043
      One Thing God Tells Us to Fear Dec98-042
      Proclamations of Faith:  Suffering Dec98-041
      Knowing the Will of God Nov98-040
      Baptized for the Dead? Oct98-039
      Proclamations of Faith:  Obedience Oct98-038
      Ask and You Shall Receive Sep98-037
      Spiritual Bankruptcy Sep98-036
      Our Vision of Jesus Sep98-035
      Premeditated Obedience Sep98-034
      Proclamations of Faith:  Unity Sep98-033
      There Must be Heresies Aug98-032
      Increase Our Faith   Aug98-031
      God's Disappearing Act Aug98-030
      What is Forgiveness? Aug98-029
      Proclamations of Faith:  Redemption Aug98-028
      Our Redemptive God Jul98-027
      The Reason We Don't Believe Jul98-026
      Agreeing With God Jul98-025
      Law vs. Grace   Jul98-024
      Proclamations of Faith:  Discernment Jul98-023
      Taking No Offense at God Jun98-022
      What Is the Kingdom of God?  Jun98-021
      The Silence of God Jun98-020
      Discerning God's Will Jun98-019
      Proclamations of Faith:  Forgiveness Jun98-018
      Jesus Wept May98-017
      Entering His Rest May98-016
      Honest to God May98-015
      Judging vs. Discernment May98-014
      Proclamations of Faith:  Prayer May98-013
      Victory Over Death Apr98-012
      Self-Esteem vs. Christ-Esteem Apr98-011
      Proclamations of Faith:  Growth Apr98-010
      Jesus is the One Mediator:  II Cor. 1:24 Mar98-009
      What Is Christianity? Mar98-008
      Proclamations of Faith:  Religion Mar98-007
      Trusting God in the Darkness Feb98-006
      That I May be Found in Him Feb98-005
      Proclamations of Faith:  Grace Feb98-004
      No Fear:  II Timothy 1:7 Jan98-003
      Is the Return of Christ Near? Jan98-002
      Proclamations of Faith:  Faith Jan98-001

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